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Never worry about your site going down, or having to deal with support tickets. All our websites are hosted on the fastest world class servers, with automatic redundancy and daily backups.

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Our team of Content creators can handle everything from the text, photos, graphics and video you need to make your website stand out from the crowd.

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Newspaper & Online Media Company

The North Grenville Times needed a way to organize the mass amount of information they were putting out, that set them apart from other news organizations. We assist them on an ongoing basis to help them organize promotions, newsletters, and subscriber campaigns.

Website Key Features:

  • Newsletter and Email Marketing
  • Advertising Management System
  • Multi Writer Article Support
  • Optimized for spikes in web traffic

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A Clinic Rebrand

When you have good content, a website almost makes itself. Melanie from Body and Sole Foot Care Clinic came to us because she wanted something modern and fresh…. but had a team of introverts. We coached the team on how to look natural and open up on camera.

Website Key Features:

  • Featured Photo and Video Content of the “family”
  • Industry Regulations on how we could market them.
  • A clean and professional clinic, while maintaining a bit of warmth.

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Contracting: Let the Work Speak for Itself

Will is an energetic, friendly, and personable person. He takes great pride in his work, and he wanted his website to reflect that. We even got him behind the camera to show him as a confident, approachable business professional.

Website Key Features:

  • Re branding: We did a full brand standards guide, including: Logo, Fonts, Colours, and Tone.
  • Photography: So you can see the Quality.
  • Low Maintenance Site.

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