Marketing runs off of graphics.

Flyers, Advertisements, Social Media Posts, Logos, stationery, proposals, signage… Graphics are literally everywhere. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to someone to spruce everything you did with professional graphics? (Spoiler Alert: Our retainer clients know!)

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Respect your Image

Keep your Marketing on Brand with a Standards Guide

Branding Guidelines
What is this thing?

If anyone messes with your logo, you can just throw the book at them. Literally!
This is a digital and Print document that tells you exactly how to brand your company. How much space to leave, what colour to use when printing colour vs Black and White, and even what variations are acceptable and not acceptable.

Why Have Brand Standards?

Every pixel of your logo or graphics was designed for a specific purpose.
The only way to ensure your logo is still the same one your designer gave you is with a standards guide.

See an example

Use the tabs to see a simple ‘Brand Standards Guide’ we created for one of our Clients.

How It's Made

Logos have very specific qualities to them, that were chosen for a reason. Having a guide on how the logo was made can give direction on how other parts of your branding could be done.

Spacing Around Logo

How much space is too much, or too little? With this handy guide… now you know!

What the Font?!

Ever Notice that the fonts used by brands are always the same? Having a font that is consistent gives a consistent appearance in all of your marketing.
Being consistent is kinda a big deal when it comes to public perception…. consistently…

What if it's not available?

There are many reasons why a chosen font is not available. What is a designer to do?
We include alternative fonts, and closest match fonts when choice is limited to the basics.

Isn't Colour Kinda Obvious?

There are many different processes used to make a colour, whether on the screen, printing on paper or in textiles.
Sometimes grey just doesn’t cut it. You need “Pantone Cool Grey 11CP”

Get the Right Colour Every Time

Ever notice that colours printed out arn’t the same as they look on the screen? Well if you send this to your printer, they won’t have to guess.

It's not good for a logo to be alone.

In a perfect world, one logo should be enough. But depending on where the logo is, you need to have variations that will allow you to have a consistent brand when the logo is big, small, in colour, in black and white…. Having a variety of choices for logos means that you have options to go where no regular logo could go before.

Can't Touch This

Okay… so working with professionals is great and all… but eventually your logo is going to be given to someone with less than perfect design skills.
We include in all of our brand standards not just what to do… but what NOT to do.

Makes Correction Simple

And if you read through 6 pages of reasons why a brand standards guide and still need convincing….
Well here is one last awesome feature:

If you don’t have a written down standard for how to use your logo… it’s very hard to communicate WHY someone messed up your logo. If they say it’s not squished, you can show them the ruler mark spaces between the I and the O and that it should be a 33 degree angle….you get the point.

Have us on your Marketing Team, and get all the graphics you need!

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