Why is Making interesting Ads so Hard? (audio)

by businesscontent February 08, 2018
Fill yoru ad with interesting content

Listen to the Audio, or read the transcription Below!

Why getting Ideas for Ads/Marketing is so Hard.

Have you ever tried making an advertisement?

It’s difficult to come up with unique ways to advertise your business.
It’s easy to get stuck talking about either what you do, or the price you do it for.

These facts and figures do not make interesting advertisements.

To make a creative ad, you need to make it all about your customer… not your product.
And we’re not talking basic demographics either. We need to know about them intimately. What their struggles are, their hopes, their dreams. What and why they buy things.

So take a piece of paper, and write down a list of everything you know about your customers.
– What are they buying your product for?
– What activities are they doing along with it?
– What made them even need your product in the first place?
– What happened BEFORE They were thinking about your product?

Example time:

If you are an equipment rental company, and you want to rent out a tree stump grinder, we might answer those questions like this:

  • They are buying it to remove a tree stump.
  • They are landscaping their lawn, installing a new patio, clearing out overgrown weeds.
  • What made them do it? They are trying to sell their house. They want to have big family barbeques on the patio. Making room for a shed.
  • What happened before? They have a big property, that they don’t know what to do with.

Understanding that all of these stories lead to someone needing to rent your stump grinder… you can imagine all sorts of ads now:

You can:

Make a video about how to clear out an overgrown property.
Write an article about what to do with an empty lot or space.
Record a video walkthrough on how to landscape a home for selling.
Engage people on social media with common landscaping issues.

Notice that all of this is not talking about your product… but empowering your customers to solve their actual problems!

So if your advertising results have been lacklustre… you need to take out a piece of paper or get on your computer now, and start writing out what exactly your product or service is contributing to your customer’s life. Your ads will be more interesting, you will help more people.

Need a template to get started?

We have a few templates that allow you to document all this information about your customers. It asks the questions and you just put the answers!

Send us an email and we will send you one over.
[email protected]


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